projecttwenty1 (projecttwenty1) wrote in philly_film,

I don't think you can handle making a movie in three weeks.

No one can make a movie in three weeks, right? Specifically, in the 3 weeks between July 19th and August 9th? Nah, you're probably right, why bother? It's more fun picking your nose and watching reruns of "Boy Meets World".

Get off your butt, lazy! There are all sorts of awards, prizes, exposure, networking and IMDB potential for ya. Besides the personal glory of besting dozens of other Teams from around the country. Not that that looks good on a reel or fundraising proposal or anything....

Hey, what's the worst that happens? You end up making a film? That's not exactly a bad way to spend 3 weeks!

Standard Registration ends May 31st, so hurry and sign up now!

Visit to learn more, watch our trailer, and sign up!

Also, if you are an actor, crew, or enthusiast that likes film a lot but you're too shy to start your own Team, why don't you post a message and volunteer on our forum? Musicians can also donate their music so they can promote their work AND promote indie filmmakers. We want Philadelphian-film freaks to meet each other! 

We're not just a film festival. Consider this your kick in the pants: MAKE SOME MOVIES!
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